A few small changes I'd like to see...

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A few small changes I'd like to see...

Post by kvnrydberg » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:57 am

1. minor nuisance: always having to change the default file extension from .tap to .nc. could we have a some persistence here?

2. minor nuisance: when a probe log file is loaded, i haven't found a way of clearing it without loading another one or exiting the program. am i missing something? or could you add a clear button?

3. after the last probe point, the command G0 X* Y* Z* is issued, where X* Y* is the specified origin and Z* is the specified safe Z height. could it be G0 Z* then G0 X* Y*, just in case?

4. i mentioned before how much I'd like to see more user control over the shape of the probing area. i realize this might be a tall order. one thing that may be easier to implement: when there is a void in the probing area and it happens to lie under a probed point, what usually happens, in mach3 at least, is the probe moves the specified probing distance, fails to trigger, and mach3 stores this x,y,z position in the current triplet. in other words, the z position at which the probe has reached its specified endpoint is logged as the probe height. obviously, the consequences could be dire if cutting begins without intercession. usually, i'll stop the program, change these probe points in the log file to match nearby valid ones, and re-level the g-code with the modified log file. couldn't this be done inside the AL code, though? i.e. during leveled g-code creation, when the program examines the four x,y points surrounding the work coordinate and sees that one or more the corresponding z pos's match the spec'd probing endpoint, it could decide to throw the (probably) erroneous ones out when using your interpolation routine. just a thought. though, this of course wouldn't correct the probe log file which may be used later.

OK. The first three are nits to pick, I guess, but I'd really be much happier if I could have more control over the probing area. It's just such a PITA trying to iteratively adjust the probe spacing and start and end points to miss all the holes, locating pins, etc. I have in some of my workpieces.

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