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Code Blocks

If you have large or any size bit of code you want to insert into a post, you can use a code block to encapsulate the code. To do this, paste in the code, highlight it and click the "Code" button to tag it:
code tag.PNG

Code: Select all

N270G1Y330.865 Z-1.271791
N270G1Y325.865 Z-1.284749
N270G1Y320.865 Z-1.282453
N270G1Y315.865 Z-1.280156
N270G1Y310.865 Z-1.27786
N270G1Y305.865 Z-1.275564
N270G1Y300.865 Z-1.273267
N270G1Y295.865 Z-1.270971
N270G1Y290.865 Z-1.268674
N270G1Y285.865 Z-1.266378
N270G1Y280.865 Z-1.264082
N270G1Y275.865 Z-1.261785
N270G1Y270.865 Z-1.259254
N270G1Y265.865 Z-1.256051
N270G1Y260.865 Z-1.252849
N270G1Y255.865 Z-1.249646
N270G1Y250.865 Z-1.246444
N270G1Y245.865 Z-1.243241
N270G1Y240.865 Z-1.240039
N270G1Y235.865 Z-1.236836
N270G1Y230.865 Z-1.233634
N270G1Y225.865 Z-1.230431
N270G1Y220.865 Z-1.227229
N270G1Y215.865 Z-1.22403
N270G1Y210.865 Z-1.220838
N270G1Y205.865 Z-1.217646
N270G1Y200.865 Z-1.214454
N270G1Y195.865 Z-1.211262
N270G1Y190.865 Z-1.20807
N270G1Y185.865 Z-1.204878
N270G1Y180.865 Z-1.201686
N270G1Y175.865 Z-1.198494
N270G1Y170.865 Z-1.195302
N270G1Y165.865 Z-1.19211
N270G1Y160.865 Z-1.190576
N270G1Y155.865 Z-1.190795
N270G1Y150.865 Z-1.191014
N270G1Y145.865 Z-1.191233
N270G1Y140.865 Z-1.191452
N270G1Y135.865 Z-1.191671
N270G1Y130.865 Z-1.191891
N270G1Y125.865 Z-1.19211
N270G1Y120.865 Z-1.192329
N270G1Y115.865 Z-1.192548
N270G1Y110.865 Z-1.192767
N270G1Y105.865 Z-1.191479
N270G1Y100.865 Z-1.189185
N270G1Y95.865 Z-1.186891
N270G1Y90.865 Z-1.184598
N270G1Y85.865 Z-1.182304
N270G1Y80.865 Z-1.180011
N270G1Y75.865 Z-1.177717
N270G1Y70.865 Z-1.175424
N270G1Y65.865 Z-1.17313
N270G1Y60.865 Z-1.170837
N270G1Y55.865 Z-1.168543
N270G1Y50.865 Z-1.156737
N270G1Y45.865 Z-1.14111
N270G1Y40.865 Z-1.125484
N270G1Y35.865 Z-1.109858
N270G1Y30.865 Z-1.094232

To insert an image into your post, you must upload it and add it first. To do this scroll down and select the 'Upload attachment' TAB, choose and add the file there. Currently, the maximum size of uploaded images is 1440x900, so just make sure its smaller than that or it will be rejected.

Once the image appears under 'posted attachments', You can place the image inline:
The image will display at a maximum of 600px in the post. If the image is larger, it will show as 600px wide but will be clickable to show the full sized image.

Other tools can be used on these forums but these 2 are the most often used here. Please ask me any questions about this if you need more info :) Software to probe and adjust a GCode file for PCB's or any probe-able surface. A short guide to setting up the probe.

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