RPF failure

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RPF failure

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I'm using AutolevellerAE 0.9.5u2. I load OGF, update mesh and generate PFG.

Then in Mach3, I load the PFG file, do the job and try to open RPF in AutolevellerAE.

I get the error "the number of points per row is not the same for each row".

I double checked that points per row is the same for each row.

What can I miss?

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Re: RPF failure

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Hi There,

I had the exact some type of problem and managed to fix it as below(im not sure with your specific case though). Try the below it might work:

The output of the probing results need to have points which are in sub groupings. So probably you have a probed point that does not belong to any grouping/cluster. Also note groupings must be a fixed number. Look at the example below:

This went throught without a problem:

And this had a problem:

Notice in the first case, the Y column has results grouped in 10. And in the second case there is one random line at the end which the AL does not like. Think of it in terms of a matrix (AxB) where A are the rows and B the columns, this means all probed results fall into the matrix and if you have one random line not belonging to the matrix it does not like it.
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