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Norton Antivirus

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I have had 2 or 3 emails from Norton users reporting that the Autoleveller files contain viruses. This puts people off even trying AL.

I have scanned the files myself using BitDefender, AVG and others and can find no trace of any virus. This seems to be a Norton issue only, so I submitted "Autoleveller077.exe" to Nortons false positive tester service and they reported back that the file contains Trojan.ADH.SMH, however, unhelpfully, they do not say if this is a false positive or not.

A quick google search reveals that Norton reports this on several executable files on the internet and they are almost always false positives.

As Norton are not being very helpful with this matter all I can do is re-assure people that the files are scanned with other scanners before uploading to the server and have always reported that they are clean.

Please let me know if you have had any other experiences regarding this issue.


EDIT: I just found a handy tool for submitting a file for checking with a lot of virus software at once.
Interestingly, Scanning the .exe Autoleveller files, Symantec/Norton is the only software which reports Trojan.ADH.SMH, and 5 other issues and viruses are reported by other less popular virus software. Whilst submitting the .jar version of the Autoleveller, virustotal reports no viruses at all.

I maintain that Trojan.ADH.SMH reported by Norton is a false positive but if you are worried, you can just download the .jar file instead of the .exe and it should run exactly the same. The .exe file is just a wrapper around the .jar file (provided by 'Launch4J') to make it more familiar for Windows users But other than that, it is identical to the .jar file.

To run the .jar file, you should be able to just double click it in Windows. Occasionally another program on your system will 'commandeer' .jar files thus preventing Autoleveller from running using a double click. In which case you can open a command prompt, navigate to the folder containing the .jar file and type:
'java -jar Autoleveller077.jar' or whatever the file is named. The interface should appear.

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