Registry Quirk demystified

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Registry Quirk demystified

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I have used Autoleveller for some years and most recently I've been using it daily.

On two, perhaps three occasions over that time I've had a failure that AE refuses to display a browse window
to navigate to and nominate a new OGF.

The solution in each case was to go to the Windows Registry and delete a particular key and thereafter AE would
work normally.

I've finally worked out why this fault occurs.

The registry key holds pointer to the current OGF file. Thus the registry key pointed to a folder on my desktop
of the the last job I did, on Friday as it turns out. Over the course of several weeks my desktop has become littered with
folders, one for each job that I've done.

This morning I decided to sweep all those folders into an archive file, which included the folder to which the registry
key was currently pointing. Thus when I swept up all those now disused folders into the archive the registry key
pointed to a folder that was now no longer there.

Once I deleted the key then AE would display a browse window so that I could navigate to my new job and once I've
done so it will generate a new registry key pointing to the new job folder, again on the desktop.

Now that I've tumbled to how this fault occurs it need not happen again. In future I will open the new folder, typically
on the desktop, and therefore generate a valid registry key pointing to the current job folder, before I sweep up all
those old folders for archiving.

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