Basic AutoLeveller & Custom Controller

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Basic AutoLeveller & Custom Controller

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Hi, and thanks for providing the software to users like myself. I have a question regarding the base version of AL and use with Mach3, and the 3018 mx3 cnc running off Win XP.

I read this article: ... mach3-usb/

And added the macros as I wanted the AL software to talk to Mach3, allowing me to better mill the pcb's I intend to make.

The article finishes up stating that a custom controller is added to AL (but clearly it's the AE version). Is there a way to add a custom controller to the base version at all? I can't get AE to run on Win XP (requires jre 8 or higher I think, unsupported on XP). And Mach 3 doesn't really like any other OS on Windows.

Is there a workaround so I can correctly use the software with the mill (arriving shortly)? I'm happy to contribute to the development or buy a fully-fledged 'pro' version of course.

I appreciate the work that has gone into this and kudos for providing a free to use version for hobbyists like me. I can;t imagine how you even begin to write something like this.
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