Rogue Z adjustement

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Rogue Z adjustement

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Hi! not sure if this has been answered before but here's my issue.
I'm using Autoleveller with LinuxCNC and 2 stage levelling.
here's a snippet of the original Gcode :

N10 G90 G94 G17 G91.1
N15 G21
N20 G53 G0 Z0.
N25 T10 M6
N30 S5000 M3
N35 G54
N40 G0 X-13.906 Y15.325
N45 G43 Z5. H10
N50 G0 Z3.
N55 G1 Z1. F50.
N60 Z-0.15
N65 X-13.928 Y15.352 F100.

Once corrected though, at line N40, the new code adds a Z value that's sometimes negative (or very close to zero), as if correcting for an assumed value of Z0. So the tools rapids to the surface than moves back up, before continuing the code.
My quick workaround is simply to edit the Gcode and remove that value (the rest works fine as far as I can tell). I was wondering if anyone had this issue before and if there's something to do about it!?

thanks in advance!
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